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Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (OFPI - IPI - IGE)
European Patent Office


Internet addresses of the IP Offices (Member States of the WIPO and related regional Organisations)
PCT seminar material provided by WIPO in several languages.


USA - United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patent Attorneys and Associations


Association of Swiss Patent Attorneys Admitted to Practice before the European Patent Office
Association of Swiss Patent Attorneys  
Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (EPI)

International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)

Swiss Section of the International Association for the Protection of Industrial Property (AIPPI)
European Patent Attorneys Database of the European Patent Office
Patent Attorneys Around the World - Global Listing (by Piperpat)
Sources of Publications
Patent offices offering free patent publications:
(There is a growing number of patent offices who offer free access to their databases of patents, trademarks and designs, and also to applications depending on local legislations. On some site, even a machine translation is available. Please try using e.g. the links of member state offices offered by WIPO)
European Patent Office with links to national patent offices
Swiss Federal Institute
Australia, Patent Office
Japanese Patent Office
Patent Search (machine translation available)
Trademark search
Intell. Prop. Library Homepage
Official Registers
Note: As with publications, a growing number of national offices offers free online access to their register, or more exactly often to copies of the actual registers.
Switzerland: SwissReg (Register of Swiss patents, trademarks, designs, SPCs)
U.S. Patent Office:
Patents, Search mask
Patent Application Status/file inspection

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