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The focus of our expertise as well as of the many years of successful collaboration with our clients lies in the specialties of engineering, medical- and dental technology, the packaging industry, the clock making industry, the chemical industry, process engineering, the metal industry, structural engineering, electronics, consumable goods as well as transportation.

Protection of Your Intellectual Property
The protection of your intellectual property is the basis for the commercial use of your innovations. The challenges are diverse however. We have the necessary specialist knowledge and years of experience to support you in obtaining, defending and executing your protective rights concerning patents, trademarks and designs. We are also available as a strong partner in the defense against claims by third parties.

As Swiss and European Patent Attorneys we represent you before the Institute for Intellectual Property (IGE), the European Patent Office (EPA) as well as the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO/OMPI). We also collaborate with a proven global network of correspondence attorneys for representation in international offices and courts.

The Relevance of Immaterial Values
In our society of knowledge, immaterial values have a high importance. These values become “tangible” in the form of registered protective rights such as patents, trademarks or designs. As such they allow for a handling of the as such immaterial intellectual property: The boundaries to an illegal imitation are drawn, inventions can be licensed or sold. Regarding patents, investments in research and development can have tax benefits («Patentbox»). By granting a protective right on an invention, trademark or design you ensure yourself a valuable advantage against your competitions. Patent specifications are also a valuable component for documenting knowledge chronologically. Protective rights are also important from a marketing standpoint – as a strong support for your image and expression of your innovative ability.

Our Services

  • Beratung bei der Schutzrechtstrategie
  • Consultation Regarding Protective Rights Strategy
  • Development and Submission of Application Documents
  • Representation in the Examination or Granting Procedures
  • Representation in the Objection Process
  • Care and Maintenance of the Protective Rights
  • Support in Protective Rights Disagreements
  • Research Regarding Third Party Protective Rights
  • Surveillance of Third Party Protective Rights
  • Assessments of Protective Rights Collisions
  • Licensing Contracts, Agreements and other Contracts

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