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Ammann Patentanwälte AG offers you competent advice for the development of a comprehensive design portfolio to protect your products.


Protecting Outward Appearance
The outward appearance of products can be protected, provided it is new and has a unique feature. The design could be a two-dimensional arrangement (pattern, logo, etc.) or take a three-dimensional form. The owner of the protective right has the right to deny others the commercial usage of the design. This includes the production, the offering, the circulating as well as the import, export or transport. The maximum duration of protection for a design generally lasts 25 years from the date of application.

Design Protection in Practice
The registration and resulting protection of a design can be implemented fairly quickly. We will obtain a quick and uncomplicated yet useful protection for your designs against imitators. We take care of the maintenance of your protective rights and support you in case of infringement on your protective rights.

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