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Your trademark represents innovative products and your good name. We ensure comprehensive trademark protection.


Protecting Labeling for Goods and Services
Labels which are neither descriptive nor misleading and which make it possible to differentiate the goods and services of one company from those of other companies can be protected as trademarks. Those can be words, numbers and bildliche Darstellungen, but also three-dimensional shapes or acoustic signals. The trademark gives the owner the exclusive right to the usage of the trademark to mark goods or services for which the trademark is in effect. The duration of the protection generally lasts 10 years from the date of application and can be extended as often as desired. The protection expires if the trademark is not put into use.

Trademark Protection in Practice
Strong trademarks are a clear advantage in competitive markets. We evaluate the possibility of protection for a trademark and then research its availability for you. We also gladly represent your interest during the application and examination and support you in case of objection or deletion processes. We can advise you regarding the maintenance and extension of your trademark portfolio. You can also count on us during protective rights disputes.

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