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The Ammann Patent Attorneys Ltd. has been a member of a strong and innovative network since 2021: The IPS Irsch Group. This group has been successful in both the national and international markets and has grown to its current strength via organic growth.

The individuality of the individual companies is in focus, their solidarity with each other gives additional strength to the collective. The sum of the competence and experience within the group as well as the synergy potential in the administrative department are used by the law firms to the benefit of their clients.

We are convinced that the regional alignment on the basis of naturally grown local roots corresponds to clients’ growing needs.

«In Switzerland there is a growing trend towards consolidation of law firms. The increase in size does however come with the risk of reduced flexibility and increased inertia in company operations. The concept of the IPS Irsch group is a novelty in the landscape of Swiss law firms and has convinced us. By uniting individual companies, it is possible to combine the strengths of smaller law firms, especially the close relationships with clients and flexibility with those of larger law firms, where knowledge and experience can be shared between many colleagues and wherein synergies can be created in administration and IT.» 

Dr. Stefan Blaser
CEO Ammann Patent Attorneys Ltd.

Pioneer Position
The outstanding standard of our infrastructures, including the IT system that was announced back in 2013 and has since been fully integrated, are central factors in our ability to provide high-quality services. That has put us well ahead of many of our competitors, allowing us to deliver consistent improvements in efficiency and significant advancements in data security. What is more, this foundation has enabled us to better prepare for unforeseen events such as the coronavirus pandemic and to overcome the additional challenges while maintaining a consistently high standard.

Flexibility and Strength
As a corporate group, we can also enhance security and flexibility and tap into the considerable synergy potential available through the across-the-board use of services and resources. The fact that our patent attorneys come from a range of natural scientific specialisms such as physics, chemistry, biology and mechanical engineering and actively engage in exchanges about areas of interest beyond their specialist fields additionally enhances the benefits for our clients.

Focus on Customers' Benefit

It is our belief that a personal relationship with clients, cooperation with the same contacts over many years and ethically responsible, and sustainable actions in the market will become even more important in the future. We share these values and will preserve them for the benefit of our clients and our companies.

Patent Attorneys of the IPS Irsch Group

Stefan Blaser
Dr. sc. nat., Dipl. Phys.
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Erik Brück
B.Sc. Chem.
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Paul Furtwängler
M. Ed. Biology and Philosophy, B.Sc. (Hons) Open
Patent Professional
Samuel Gernet
Dr. sc. nat., Dipl. Phys. ETH
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Manfred Irsch
Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Phys
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Hansjörg Kley
El. Ing. HTL, Dipl. Math. ETH
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Pius Kuster
Dipl.-Ing. ETH, MAS ETH IP
Patent Attorney
Michel Seehof
Dipl. Phys.
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney
Michael Störzbach
Dr. rer. nat., Dipl.-Chem.
European Patent Attorney
Swiss Patent Attorney

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