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Aside from patents, trademarks and designs, intellectual property knows other areas in which we can offer you competent support with the help of licensed specialists.

Domain Names
Registering a free domain is a quick process. It does however not offer any actual protective right: Third parties could, for example, attempt to claim the domain on the basis of trademark rights. Depending on the Top Level, disagreements will be settled in the national courts or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO/OMPI).


Copyright protects creations in literature and art, provided they have individual character. Spoken word pieces, art pieces, musical, filmic, photographic, choreographic and pantomimic creations as well as computer programs can be protected. Since the 1st of April 2020 all photos (press, family, holiday, etc.) have also been protected by copyright in Switzerland. Such a creation is protected as soon as it is created. Copyright gives the owner the exclusive right to decide whether, when and how the creation can be used or changed. 70 years after the death of the copyright holder the copyright expires in Switzerland for all creations excluding computer programs and photographs without individual character which are protected for a shorter time span.

Strain Protection
New plant strains can also be protected. This protection prevents anyone from producing, offering or selling as well as importing or exporting reproductive material of the protected strains without the permission of the owner of the protective right. In Switzerland, the protection is limited to 30 years from the date the protection is granted for vines and trees, and to 25 years from that date for all other plant types.


Uncommon three-dimensional structures of semiconductor products (topographies) can also be protected. The owner of the protective right has the exclusive right to reproduce, circulate it, offer, sell, rent, loan or otherwise spread the topography or import, export or transport it for those purposes. The maximum duration of protection for a registered topography generally lasts 10 years.

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