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Qualifications Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorney: Requirements and authorization in Switzerland
Since the Patent Attorney Law was passed on the 1st of June 2011, the title of Patent Attorney has been protected in Switzerland. To legally call themself a «Patent Attorney» in Switzerland, a person must have completed a course of study in a scientific field or engineering, have several years of practical experience in the patent field and have passed the Swiss patent attorney exam.

European Patent Attorney: Requirements and authorization for the Representation of Clients In the European Patent Office

European Patent Attorneys are permitted to represent natural or legal persons before the European Patent Office. They are registered in the list of licensed patent attorneys kept by the European Patent Office. In order to obtain the title, certain requirements must be met: qualifications in a scientific or technical specialty, several years of work experience for example with a licensed patent attorney as well as passing the European patent attorney exam.

Power of Attorney

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